Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jinxed Myself

Okay I jinxed myself with the whole Handy Manny story yesterday. They came by to fix the cable yesterday because we haven't been getting the digital channels. Well, the cable guy disconnected the TiVo box from the cable box because "It was making the signal weak." Now, the cable doesn't even work. So, no Handy Manny and no morning cartoons to keep JEM happy.....and boy can you tell. She's been acting up today. Last night, I washed and folded her sheets and blankets and put them in her armoire. Well, today she goes to her room and takes all the blankets and sheets down and unfolds them. So, my DH took her to her room and made her put them all back. I went in there later and re-folded everything and put it back all nice and neat. It probably won't stay that way for very long. He told me to put the sheets out of her reach. Uh, Hellllooooo, they were out of her reach. He said well, she probably stands on her chair and gets them down. The chair is one of those Disney Princess fuzzy ones that you can get at Wal-Mart. So, after I had re-folded everything, I took the chair out of the room. Hopefully that'll solve the problem.

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natalie said...

I can't tell how many times H has said something like "Put them out of her reach."'re a genius! It's nice to know that other husbands say the same things.