Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The key to keeping JEM happy

I have finally found the key to keeping JEM happy or to get her out of one of her "funks." All I have to do is put Handy Manny on for her and she's as happy as could be! Took me long enough, no? I'm glad we have TiVo. Half of the programs that we have saved on the DVR right now are Handy Manny. When she's watching her show, it gives me a chance to get some chores done and to also get some crafting done. I know a lot of people don't agree with kids watching TV. The shows that we let JEM watch are the morning ones: Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets, Go Diego Go, Handy Manny, etc. I like for her to watch Dora, Diego, and Manny because it has helped her to pick up Spanish. So, I will definitely keep recording these for her as long as she's still interested in them.

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