Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi, 'member me?

I know it's been a really, really long time since my last post. I'm still trying to get settled into our apartment.

As soon as my DH hooks up the printer to the laptop, I'll scan some cards and upload the pics.

Let's see....what's new with JEM? She has started singing her version of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." She sings the same three verses over and over. She doesn't get as shy now when I ask her to sing. I'm glad she has her Daddy's talent for singing because let's just say that I would never win American Idol. LOL JEM is also counting.....well sort of. She counts from 1-3 and then from 8-11 and skips everything in between. I guess I should no longer feel guilty when she watches Dora the Explorer, Diego, and her other morning educational cartoons.

I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and it is the best book in the series, in my opinion. I'm not too happy with some of the characters that were killed, but oh well. I'm sad that it's the last book in the series. I can't wait to see the movie version. It's going to be (or should be) AWESOME!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hey, 'member me?

I know it's been a REALLY long time since my last post. We found an apartment at the end of June and have since been moving in......slowly. I just got my internet hooked up a couple of days ago. I had no idea how much I missed it until it was reconnected.

I have all my stamping "crap" (as my DH calls it) at the apartment now, so I'll soon get back to my ol' crafting self. I honestly miss stamping up cards for no reason at all and also for swaps.

To top it off, I've caught whatever JEM is getting over. At first I thought her allergies were acting up, with the new move and all. Now, that I'm sick, I'm starting to think that she may have had a little cold. I've been giving her Claritin and she's almost back to normal. As for me, I'm taking Dayquil and Nyquil. I would take Mucinex, but that stuff keeps me up all night.

I'm going to make it a point to update my blog every Monday. So, see y'all on Monday!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Date?!

Yes, a date! Tomorrow, PJ ( my DH) and I are going on a double date with his brother and brother's wife. We're going to go to dinner and then go have a couple of drinks. The last time we went out was to our friend's wedding. I asked my SIL if we had to get all spiffy and she said that she wanted to take us to a nice place for drinks. I'm actually going to get dressed up! If you knew me, you'd know that I don't dress up. My MIL offered to watch Jazmyn so that we can go out with them.

Today, weather permitting, we're going to go look at house right next to my BIL's that is currently rent-to-own. We need a place of our own ASAP. I'm going crazy already living with my in-laws this long. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what they've done for us with our whole house drama. We just need our own space.

I'm going to try and upload some pics of cards and ATCs that I've made for some swaps that I'm in on SCS.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tired of all the green

I got tired of seeing all the green on my blog. So, I decided to change the template to something girly. My favorite color combo is pink and brown. That is why I decided to use those colors in my blog.

I completely forgot to mention a couple of days ago that I acutally (get ready for this) bought a bow.....as in archery! I'm getting a Matthews Ignition. Luckily, I'm still small enough to use a junior bow (AKA kid's bow). It's about $300-$400 cheaper than the bow I bought for my DH. I originally wanted to get a pink bow because I wanted it to be a girly one and I don't plan on going hunting. The owner of the archery range brought up a good point on why NOT to get a colored bow. He said it would be more difficult to sell it, if I did want to sell it later on down the line. So, instead of getting a pink one, I'm going to get a camouflage one. I'm still going to get my pink color though. I decided that for the veins (or feathers as I call them) on the arrows, I'm going to choose pink and purple. Hey, something about it has to be girly! As of now, I don't plan on selling it. I would like to pass it on down to JEM. If she doesn't like archery, then I will sell it. The bow that I tried at the range was set at 40 lbs. I didn't have a difficult time pulling it back. The only thing is that the string/cord hurt my fingers because I didn't have a trigger. Apparently being able to pull back 40lbs. is good. Who knew?! The legal minimum to go hunting is 45lbs. I'm not going to go hunting though. I just want it for target practice. It's not that I don't approve of hunting. I just wouldn't like to go hunting myself.

Okay, enough with the long post. I'll post again real soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


We've been watching the NBA Finals and tonight was awesome! Our San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was an awesome game! I knew Tony Parker was going to get MVP.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blame it on the NBA Playoffs

I love watching the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Playoffs right now. The problem with that is that it takes away from my crafting time. For instance, right now I'd be working on some swaps that I am in. Instead, I am watching the game and typing on my laptop. I will definitely be getting some crafting done tomorrow.

Go Spurs!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Links

Okay, I just added the links to a couple of the girls that I chat with on SCS. Both are great blogs. Jackie has some beautiful cards on her blog. MollyDR is the one that I was talking about in my last post.

I also added the links to two of my fave sites: Splitcoaststampers (I practically live on there) and Stamping Bella (LOVE her bellas and fellas).

I'll post again soon.......if JEM lets me. LOL

Thank You

Okay, I've been reading the posts on SCS by my online buddy Molly (MollyDR). I've also been checking out her blog. Molly is a new Mommy and her hubby is in the military. He just went back overseas this past week. Reading Molly's stories makes me think about a lot of things. I admire the men and women who are serving in the military. I also admire the family of these men and women. I can not imagine what they go through with the worrying and all. I just want to say Thank You. Thank You to those that are serving our country. Thank You for putting your life on the line so that my family can be safe. Thank You also to the families of these brave men and women.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Bad Weekend

This weekend was not a good weekend at all. We (DH, MIL, JEM, and I) went to go eat an early dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Well, I ordered what I always eat from there: enchiladas suizas. As we were leaving the restaurant, I tell my DH "I feel sick. I know I ate a lot, but this is different." Well, the rest of the evening went fine......until about 3:30 am. That's when all hell broke loose. From 3:30am to about 8:45am I "worshipped the porcelain god" 5 times. I had vomitting, among other things....to put it nicely. I guess I came down with food poisoning. I'm assuming it was from the chicken that's in the enchiladas suizas. That's the only thing that no one else had.
My MIL was nice enough to make me some chicken soup. The first time my DH served me some, I couldn't eat more than a few spoonfuls of it. Later in the evening, I had some more....a whole bowl! I slept pretty much most of Sunday, not by choice. I just could not stay awake. My MIL watched JEM for me while I slept in the recliner. I didn't want to go sleep in the bedroom because I felt it was better if I kept my head a bit elevated. My MIL and DH were so kind to me yesterday during the whole thing. I'm just thankful that JEM didn't get food poisoning.
I didn't even feel like going on the computer yesterday or even crafting. I had just gotten my bellas in from Stamping Bella on Saturday. I didn't even feel like playing with them. It was that bad.
Today's much better. No food poisoning symptoms, thank heavens. My sternum's just a little sore from the vomitting, other than that, I'm just peachy. I'm definitely going to get some crafting done today. I have to make up for not doing anything over the weekend.
Well, off to do some stamping.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TiVo's Hooked Up Again

Yay! TiVo's hooked up again. The cable guy (the third or fourth one to be exact) came again yesterday to fix the cable. He told my in-laws that they had another faulty box. That's the third faulty box in less than a month. Geesh! Anyway. The cable guy didn't know how to reconnect the TiVo, so he left it alone. My DH was of course upset about it because I wasn't able to TiVo Dancing With the Stars for him. Go figure, the time he actually wants to record it, I can't record it. He never watches it when I would record it. MEN! LOL

I got a happy e-mail yesterday. My bellas are being shipped today....by air mail at no additional cost to me. I can't wait 'til they get here. I have so many swaps to do using the bellas & fellas that are currently in transit to their new home. You can bet that I'll have some new picture uploads as soon as I finish them.

That's all I got for now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Fun Saturday Evening

Sorry it's been a while since my last update.

The wedding on Saturday was nice. It was outside and the place kind of reminded me of an Old West town. They even had a building that said jail, which is funny because the groom works at a jail. Everyone was joking and saying that the groom couldn't get far from work. LOL It was nice playing dress up for the wedding. Those that know me know that I'm the most casual person in the world and that I don't wear make-up often. I even wore a colorful top that was out of my comfort zone, so to speak. I usually stick to dark colors, but my top had some pink in it. I love that top! It was also nice to get a break from the little one. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a SAHM, but us SAHM sometimes need a break....an evening off.

I made some ATCs for a spot I have in a Cuttlebug/Cricut swap that I'm in on SCS. They're mini versions of my paisley card. They turned out cute, I think. I've never made an ATC before, so I hope that the girls who receive them like them. They're pretty fun and easy to make. They don't take as long as the cards do to make. I'll try and get them uploaded into my blog in the next couple of days.

Well, off to my fave website....SCS.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

On a brighter note

Okay, the last post was a bit of a downer so I thought I needed to post a happy one. LOL

I signed up for another Cuttlebug swap today. I know exactly what I'm going to make for the ATC spot. I'm going to make a mini version of my paisley card that's posted on here. I got so many compliments on that card, that I can't "retire" it. So, I'll get started on those as soon as possible. It probably won't be until after our friend's wedding on Saturday though. Well, I'm off to do some of my Mommy duties.

Jinxed Myself

Okay I jinxed myself with the whole Handy Manny story yesterday. They came by to fix the cable yesterday because we haven't been getting the digital channels. Well, the cable guy disconnected the TiVo box from the cable box because "It was making the signal weak." Now, the cable doesn't even work. So, no Handy Manny and no morning cartoons to keep JEM happy.....and boy can you tell. She's been acting up today. Last night, I washed and folded her sheets and blankets and put them in her armoire. Well, today she goes to her room and takes all the blankets and sheets down and unfolds them. So, my DH took her to her room and made her put them all back. I went in there later and re-folded everything and put it back all nice and neat. It probably won't stay that way for very long. He told me to put the sheets out of her reach. Uh, Hellllooooo, they were out of her reach. He said well, she probably stands on her chair and gets them down. The chair is one of those Disney Princess fuzzy ones that you can get at Wal-Mart. So, after I had re-folded everything, I took the chair out of the room. Hopefully that'll solve the problem.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The key to keeping JEM happy

I have finally found the key to keeping JEM happy or to get her out of one of her "funks." All I have to do is put Handy Manny on for her and she's as happy as could be! Took me long enough, no? I'm glad we have TiVo. Half of the programs that we have saved on the DVR right now are Handy Manny. When she's watching her show, it gives me a chance to get some chores done and to also get some crafting done. I know a lot of people don't agree with kids watching TV. The shows that we let JEM watch are the morning ones: Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets, Go Diego Go, Handy Manny, etc. I like for her to watch Dora, Diego, and Manny because it has helped her to pick up Spanish. So, I will definitely keep recording these for her as long as she's still interested in them.

Pretty Paisleys

Here's another card for my second spot in Lauren's Cuttlebug swap. This is the first time that I've used the CB paisley die-cuts. I used SU's color coach to help me choose what colors to use. This card was time consuming, but well worth the effort. My DH said that it's one of his favorite cards that I've made. I ran the cardstock through the Xyron before using the paisley dies. It was the easiest way to get adhesive on all the pieces, especially the itty bitty ones. The Stickles are on all the dots. It didn't show up well in the scan, but this card is very sparkly in person.
Paper: Bashful Blue(SU), Pretty in Pink(SU), Apricot Appeal(SU), Pixie Pink(SU), Gable Green(SU)
Accessories: CB D'vine Swirls embossing folder, CB Paisley die set, Stickles-Icicle, Color Coach, Xyron

Right and "Wrong" Side of Embossing

This is one of the cards that I made for Lauren's (ldcamer) Cuttlebug swap on SCS. I wanted to make a card that didn't use any die-cuts, only embossing. The butterfly is actually the "wrong" side of the embossed image. The card didn't scan very good. It looks much better IRL.
Paper: Tempting Turquoise (SU), Gable Green (SU), Orchid Opulence (SU)
Accessories: CB Spots & Dots embossing folder, CB Animals embossing folder, ribbon, brads

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fluffles Meets Ribbon

This is the card I was going to upload yesterday, but Jazmyn didn't give me a chance. LOL

Stamps: Wild Hearts BG (SU), Fluffles in Love
Paper: Pixie Pink (SU), Green Galore (SU), Whisper White (SU)
Ink: Pixie Pink (SU), Green Galore (SU), Basic Black (SU)
Accessories: ribbon, sponge, prismacolor pencils, blending stump, OMS

I'm actually very proud of how this card came out for various reasons:
1) I didn't CASE it from anyone (I usually CASE cards from the SCS gallery)
2) I love how my coloring job on the Fluffles kitty kats.

As I make more cards and such for the swaps that I'm in on SCS, I'll upload them onto my blog. Thank you so much for looking!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Card Pics Will Be Posted by This Evening

I just wanted to say that I will upload some pics by this evening. I made this adorable (if I may say so myself) card this weekend for a swap that I'm in on SCS. I'll upload it when Jazmyn goes down for her nap.

Let's see....what's new in Jazmyn's life..... She's still being rebellious, to put it nicely. My MIL and SIL keep telling me that she's just testing me. Well, it must be THE biggest exam of my life. She's a cutie though and is talking soooo much. She lost her indoor voice quite some time ago. Nothing's wrong with her hearing, she just likes to yell.

Okay, off to post some TY's on SCS. I promise to upload some pics today.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Long Time No See!

I know I haven't updated my blog since I created it. I need to stop spending so much time on SCS and start taking pics of the stuff I've received in the swaps I was/am in.

I also need to get my DDSS lil sis's reveal package together. I'll definitely take a pic of the stuff I'm sending not just her, but her family....pets and humans. Yup, I had to get something for every member of the family. LOL Funny thing about the gifts for her cats, I bought them some toys with catnip. Well, I had the toys for her cats and the toy for her dog in one of those plastic grocery bags on my bed. I go outside to move my car out of the driveway and when I come back into my room, there's my cat Cuddles pawing at the bag trying to rip it open! It's a good thing she didn't get to the goodies. LOL Natalie, I know you read my blog. I'm going to borrow my SIL's camera this weekend and take some pics of all my goodies and of the goodies I'm sending out to you all. Now, don't expect to see all of your goodies in the pic. After all, I can't give everything away, now can I? LOL Nat, I'll include a clue in the package so that you can find out who I am....kinda like a treasure/scavenger hunt kind of thing.

I promise to post pics more often as soon as I: 1) buy a charger for my camera or 2) my MIL finds hers so that I can borrow it.

I'm going to do my best to update my blog at least every other day.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A little about me

Well, I finally decided to make the big leap into the world of blogging. I've seen some great blogs and decided to give it a try. I'll mainly be talking about stamping. Every once in a while, I may talk about my family.
I was introduced to blogs through Splitcoaststampers. I'm a member of the DDSS and my little sis has a blog on here. I've also come across the blogs of some fellow SCSers. Their blogs contain beautiful cards that I hope my cards will look like one day.
I'll try to post as often as possible. I'll post pics of some of my "creations" very soon.

Thanks for looking at my brand new blog!