Monday, June 4, 2007

Bad Weekend

This weekend was not a good weekend at all. We (DH, MIL, JEM, and I) went to go eat an early dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Well, I ordered what I always eat from there: enchiladas suizas. As we were leaving the restaurant, I tell my DH "I feel sick. I know I ate a lot, but this is different." Well, the rest of the evening went fine......until about 3:30 am. That's when all hell broke loose. From 3:30am to about 8:45am I "worshipped the porcelain god" 5 times. I had vomitting, among other put it nicely. I guess I came down with food poisoning. I'm assuming it was from the chicken that's in the enchiladas suizas. That's the only thing that no one else had.
My MIL was nice enough to make me some chicken soup. The first time my DH served me some, I couldn't eat more than a few spoonfuls of it. Later in the evening, I had some more....a whole bowl! I slept pretty much most of Sunday, not by choice. I just could not stay awake. My MIL watched JEM for me while I slept in the recliner. I didn't want to go sleep in the bedroom because I felt it was better if I kept my head a bit elevated. My MIL and DH were so kind to me yesterday during the whole thing. I'm just thankful that JEM didn't get food poisoning.
I didn't even feel like going on the computer yesterday or even crafting. I had just gotten my bellas in from Stamping Bella on Saturday. I didn't even feel like playing with them. It was that bad.
Today's much better. No food poisoning symptoms, thank heavens. My sternum's just a little sore from the vomitting, other than that, I'm just peachy. I'm definitely going to get some crafting done today. I have to make up for not doing anything over the weekend.
Well, off to do some stamping.

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