Monday, June 18, 2007

Tired of all the green

I got tired of seeing all the green on my blog. So, I decided to change the template to something girly. My favorite color combo is pink and brown. That is why I decided to use those colors in my blog.

I completely forgot to mention a couple of days ago that I acutally (get ready for this) bought a in archery! I'm getting a Matthews Ignition. Luckily, I'm still small enough to use a junior bow (AKA kid's bow). It's about $300-$400 cheaper than the bow I bought for my DH. I originally wanted to get a pink bow because I wanted it to be a girly one and I don't plan on going hunting. The owner of the archery range brought up a good point on why NOT to get a colored bow. He said it would be more difficult to sell it, if I did want to sell it later on down the line. So, instead of getting a pink one, I'm going to get a camouflage one. I'm still going to get my pink color though. I decided that for the veins (or feathers as I call them) on the arrows, I'm going to choose pink and purple. Hey, something about it has to be girly! As of now, I don't plan on selling it. I would like to pass it on down to JEM. If she doesn't like archery, then I will sell it. The bow that I tried at the range was set at 40 lbs. I didn't have a difficult time pulling it back. The only thing is that the string/cord hurt my fingers because I didn't have a trigger. Apparently being able to pull back 40lbs. is good. Who knew?! The legal minimum to go hunting is 45lbs. I'm not going to go hunting though. I just want it for target practice. It's not that I don't approve of hunting. I just wouldn't like to go hunting myself.

Okay, enough with the long post. I'll post again real soon.

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